Friday, November 6, 2009

Check out OwlSparks

Carlos Micelli's OwlSparks is an incredibly forward-looking blog dedicated to the dual propositions:

1) It's always about team.

2) There's always better.

He's welcome to disagree, or better yet, add value, aka "the lagniappe."

And don't forget to visit the new HepCatIndstries blog! We're hiring, and we pay EQUITY! Come on over and be the first to comment! Get a free HepCatIndstries sticker! More lagniappe.

Go, go read Carlos's post. You'll get a comment from me as lagniappe. Not to mention a definition of "lagniappe" (lan - YAP), and a link to Ben Casnocha's "Making Time to Think."

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