Monday, November 30, 2009

Hermeneutics, or "You're a nudist" . . .

Whatever he said . . .

Happy Birthday Mark Twain, Jonathan Swift, Roseanne McGeehin, Billy Idol, Bo Jackson, Andrea Newness Brito, et al . . .

Friday, November 6, 2009

Late-Breaking November Goal!

Not sure how I overlooked this one: Score at least 2100+ on the SAT.

Oh, Boy! Then I can get into MENSA!

Taking it manana, for first time in 35 years.

You do the math!

Any help on putting a tilde on that first n?

Functions, concatenations, combinations, repercussions, and dingbats are all conspiring against me. Them and the clock.

Wish me luck!

Check out OwlSparks

Carlos Micelli's OwlSparks is an incredibly forward-looking blog dedicated to the dual propositions:

1) It's always about team.

2) There's always better.

He's welcome to disagree, or better yet, add value, aka "the lagniappe."

And don't forget to visit the new HepCatIndstries blog! We're hiring, and we pay EQUITY! Come on over and be the first to comment! Get a free HepCatIndstries sticker! More lagniappe.

Go, go read Carlos's post. You'll get a comment from me as lagniappe. Not to mention a definition of "lagniappe" (lan - YAP), and a link to Ben Casnocha's "Making Time to Think."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November '09 Montly Goals

Analyzing last month's goals, it's fair to say, they were only partially realized.

1. Can't say I consistently "wrote faster." Wrote some.

2. As yet, no "overhaul" of Pragmatic Alternative. Work in progress. Am learning from Wibbels. Smart move: He's a tremendous resource.

3. HepCat Industries blog still to be realized. But a major goal for this month. Whoops! That's for later.

4. Let's Play SAT! blog and brand. Not much accomplished on blog, but some progress made on SAT prep study book, and more to come. Worked on it today. All in all, made most progress in this category of monthly goals.

5. Some work accomplished on Autobiography of a Young Adult, aka AOAYA. Some. A difficult work. Lots of sadness in search of a joyful ending.

Oh, was that too honest?


Oh Well (Pts. I & II) . . .

6. And in terms of that final goal: keeping all the others straight and effectively inter-connected. Not so good. Not so easy to balance all these goals, and integrate them seamlessly into a strong and effective whole.

Not without a few 1099s . . . Or at a minimum, a reinforced, more robust network. Need that support system.

And now, without further ado,

Monthly Goals for November '09

1. Primary goal is now developing the HepCat Industries blog and brand. At their best any of my blogging efforts are entertaining, insightful and, ah, educational.

HepCat Industries encompasses and incorporates those three strengths best. Need to further reach out to the graphic design community in an effort to create visually interesting t-shirts and net presence, and need to trust my own design capabilities, my own ability to flesh out my vision, pick up the tech pieces later.

2. Re-frame Pragmatic Alternative as a once a week blog, or at least a couple, three times a work, instead of an every day blog, which it hasn't been for a while. A better way to grow that brand, as well as the HepCat Industries brand, which is inherently more umbrella-like.

4. It's NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month, for you neophytes.

First attempted this in '06, for few words. All still there, but that story's for another day. Or year. Not too much to incorporate into AOAYA, but many tangents. They're both all about sex, death, politics, and love.

It's all about sex, death, politics, and love.

5. Keep 'em (monthly goals) all integrated best by focusing on HCI as the central organizing idea.

As Lindsey opined in that great '79 nugget on the even greater '79 LP Tusk, "That's enough for me!"

Talk to you next month.

Uh, tomorrow. Later this week. Soon.