Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monthly MeetUp Goals -- Feb 2010

In case you didn't notice, I skipped the monthly meet up goals for January.

Must be some anti-establishmentarianism stuck in my craw, resisting the norm of New Year's Resolutions, having my David Allen, Getting Things Done, CoPORDing well in hand.

At least, as a guiding hand.

Whatever. I didn't post goals for Jan, because I felt I really hadn't accomplished too many of my December goals, and frankly, was a little embarrassed by all that.

And I thought of posting in mid-Jan, and almost did, but have been busy with other things, and so, said to myself: Let it go. Post again in Feb, and keep on going.

"When you're going through hell / Keep on going..."

Therefore, herewith my Feb 2010 Goals:

1. Keep working on AOAYA. I've written / drafted three chapters, and have an outline for 72. Outline will be a-revising, but there's a modality, some framework, and I need to press on.

2. Keep developing "Let's Play SAT!" Sometimes tedious, but needs doing. I've got some good tips, not only for succeeding in the SAT, but also for developing better problem solving skills, better critical/analytical reading skills, and better reasoning skills, especially in the context of the SAT, but which are also transferable in all academic areas, as well as interpersonal and business.

Need to keep tips shorter and to point. On the other hand, Content is King!

Yeah, Content is King!

3. Hand make more t-shirts! Have made one so far, but problems uploading picture files have prevented me from presenting this beauty online. Look for regular production from HepCatIndstries this month, once the pic uploading problem is solved.

4. Also, look for a weekly 8Tracks song mix each week at HepCatIndstries.

5. Last, but not least, develop a copywriting blog--Yeah, yeah, I know: I don't have enough blogs yet. But this month I pledge to get really serious about my copywriting, so I'm putting that out here.

6. That's enough, don't you think?

7. Till next month...


  1. Hi Jay... welcome BACK to monthly goal meetups, haha!

    How many blogs do you have? And you're creating another one? Whew, that alone would seem like enough to keep me busy. And what is AOAYA?

  2. Hi, Carlee! Sorry for delayed response.

    I have three primary blogs: The Pragmatic Alternative, HepCatIndstries, and Let's Play SAT!

    First one is general visionaryness. Second is my link to HepCatIndustries--Burgeoning Entertainment Conglomerate. And Let's Play is my blog helping students prep for the SAT. Treat it as a game. It's really just a big T/F test.

    You will, however, need a bigger vocabulary, as well as the ability to translate from English to Math, and from Math to English.

    All that'll get you far.

    That and concerted practice, knowledge of your particular weaknesses, and refining your strengths so you can reliably answer all questions in your wheelhouse.

    No big whoop.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh, and AOAYA is Autobiography of a Young Adult, title of my first novel.

    Interestingly enough, I recently traced that title all the way back to 1980! Found it in an old notebook entry, dated 7/14/80.

    I thought it was only 13 years old.