Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Pragmatic Alternative is . . .

. . . The Dictionary.

The Dictionary . . . is your friend!

Why bother with any other book? After all, all the words you're ever gonna read are all right here, and---there's pictures!

The thing that's so fascinating about the dictionary is the treasure w/in--like a rich vein of gold in which one also finds diamonds and emeralds and rubies, Oh my!~

'Cause you don't get just words.

Here's what you get:

Not just the definition of the word you're looking for but 2 or 3 definitions of the SAME WORD , sometimes as many as , well, Get has ---- defintions , in has .....definitions ... Get in there!

Phonetic spelling--each word comes with handy dandy funetik spelling to help you see it and say it WRITE!

A pronunciation guide-- never mispronounce a word again. Your go to guide for all phonetic spelling issues...Conveniently located at beginning of book.

Diacritical marks!!!Learn the schwa! the macron! the circumflex! They're all here, along with so much more including . . .

Synonyms! Synonyms! Synonyms! That's a spicy! Here's where the language gets its flavor aka "sabor" en Espanol.

Etymology--Roots of rock and roll,so to speak--perchance to know what the hell you're speaking about!

Did you know approx 55% of all English words trace their heritage to Latin? Or that 25% of the English language is rooted in Greek soil?

So whip out that big fat dictionary. Crack it open and take a big ol' whiff!

You'll be so glad you did.

Word o' the Day!

Hiatus--a break in the action...This blog was on hiatus for a while. What was up with that? And what's so great about this entry? Meh. When will this blog go on hiatus again? A hiatal hernia is break in the abdomen where all your guts can spill out. It's a breach or break in your guts, so they all start oozing out. Gross!

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