Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Pragmatic Alternative is . . .

. . .Scientific Method.

How cool is scientific method? Beyond the universe to the universal.

Joe Francis Bacon made it all up, starting with a question starting with What if?

Formalizing the Q, hypothesizing: If >>>> then. If >>>> then. If >>>> then.

How hot is If >>>> then?

It's SofaKing hot!

Then setting up an experiment, figuring out a way to be figuring it out.

Taking some observations, recording some data--hanging and clanging.

Writing it all up in a report, seeing if the experiment revealed what was hypothesized.

If so, repeat for proof of non-coincidentality.

If not, rehypothesize, refashion experiment, run new 'speriment.

Or repeat first, to be sure nothing was awry.

Scientific method is what Paris Hilton was talking about when she first said, "That's so hot."

Knowledge is Power.

Or was that Knowledge is Good?

Either way. . .

Word o' the Day!

2. transition PRONUNCIATION = tran - `ZIH – shin

Definition: a move from one place or time to another place or time
Part of Speech (usage): noun = (n)
Sentence: Making the transition from middle school to high school is easier when you begin with the end in mind. Four years from now are you going to be working, in college, or both?

Derivation/Root: Latin = L transire, to go over or across

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