Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top 10 Reasons YOU Should Blog!

#10 You're writing for publication.

#9 Because you're writing for publication, you're paying attention to your punctuation. No sense looking the total dumbass.

#8 Not wanting to look the total dumbass, you read over what you've written, to listen for, locate, and place the commas, the semi-colons, the periods.

#7 You're now proofreading. You're paying attention.

#6 Because you're paying attention, seriously considering what you're writing, your writing is improving.

#5 Because your writing is improving, you may be taken more seriously. Your opinions may be more respected. You may actually be supporting your opinions with facts, relevant anecdotes, statistics, empirical data, research. You know, the whole cause and effect situation.

#4 I'm just saying.

#3 Writing all the time in your blog not only improves your writing skills through constant practice, it also improves them by constantly consciously running your processor, aka your brain.

#2 From Ted's Take, blog of Ted Leonsis, owner of Washington Capitals, among other things: " . . . happy people find outlets for personal expression . . . I think the pursuit of happiness, which is an American ideal, is a large contributor to the explosion in blogs that we’ve seen over the last few years."

And the #1 Reason you should blog:

When you get to college, you won't be paying anyone not to give you credit for learning what you didn't bother to learn in high school.

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