Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why I Haven't Been Ready For Anything Recently...

...I'm still getting things done! Working at it--hahd--as they say in N.E.

So, that series I was working on for several weeks has hit a bump, and will return when I get a real system of CoPORDing in place and working daily.

Getting much better, but still re-working.

I find, in contrast to what David Allen suggests, that a top-down approach helps. I'm all too easily distracted by minutia, so his instruction to write it all down, in no particular order, and then rearrange later hasn't been working.

So, it's projects first. Ultimate goals on top, and priorize, organize and review in accord with them.

Goal here is to post more regularly, which will mean shorter posts, and will constitute a more active review process.

Biggest goal for this month: create a shirt a day--like this one front

and back

-- for the month. Starting late, so let's see if I can catch up.

At least a shirt a day every workweek day. That'd be 23 for this month.

And they won't be all about MD. I've got DE, NJ, MN, and CA lined up, along with the usual off-beat hilarity you've come to expect from the good folks at HepCatIndstries.

Stay tuned. . .

Meanwhile, I need a drawing board.



  1. Nice T-shirt. Maryland is an awkward shape though- how did that happen? Bit like the Flying nun's hat. Remember her? Good to hear you are working!

  2. And you know, being a native, have never really seen it as odd. Totally the norm, really.

    Blame PA and VA, though, especially those bastards Mason and Dixon, pinching us off at Hancock that way.

    That's not right!

    Just remember: "Delaware doesn't have a capitol. They use Maryland's."

    Kate Jackson on SNL, 2/24/79.

  3. I'm guessing Hancock is the red top right corner? I will try to remember that Delaware fact. It could come up in a quiz. You never know.

  4. No, Heather, look again.

    Hancock is the skinniest part of the state, between the Potomac River border with West Virginia on the south and Pennsylvania on the north. M & D started near Philadelphia, the north-east corner of MD, s-e of PA, then walked west. I-70 goes through Hancock, at which point Maryland is about a mile wide. Maybe a mile-and-a-half.


    I've drawn it slightly thicker, 'cause I'm from Maryland.