Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm learning about TrackBack, and you should, too.

Here's a definition, from the Andy Wibbels classic--almost three years old now!--BlogWild!:

"A TrackBack links to another blog that is referencing that particular post. Her's an example:"

I was reading Seth's blog today, and he mentioned several interesting things, in two separate posts.

First, I read about a woman named pistachio, who offers micro sharing, macro results, who's raising money for clean water for the kids in India, via twitter.

I read Wibbels yesterday, on mind reading, and Mitch Meyerson's Guerrilla Marketing Coach site. Note at the latter that two of the three blogs on the guerillamarketing coach blogroll have already been mentioned here as key influences.

And in Seth's blog the other day, a brief writing lesson.

Yeah, pretty sure that's TrackBack.

Question is: How many of these TrackBacks will link directly to articles sighted?

We'll soon see . . .

Key is connecting to particular posts.

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